Laeditora is a multidisciplinary team of audiovisual, advertising, development experts and artists, working together in 3+1 areas of expertise:

[1] Creation of audiovisual campaigns and communication pieces. We design an audiovisual campaign or piece (video, web, etc.) based on your needs (objectives, target audience, deadlines, budget, etc.) and our professional experience.

We do:
• Advertising
• Audiovisual production
• Radio
• Multimedia
• Graphic design and editing
• Web design
• Social network managing
• Media managing
• Artivism (activism through art)

[2] Participatory training in communication, audiovisual, photography, social networks, radio, etc.

[3] Awareness-raising, qualification, information and social impact projects, which are born out of the fusion of communication production and participatory education. These projects fall within the area of communication for development or communication for social change.

[3+1] New formats to be invented. Laeditora makes its multidisciplinary knowledge and experience available to NGO-Ds, organisations, institutions and socially responsible companies that strive for a fairer world.

We understand your projects. We share your ideas. We struggle with you.
People will join us tomorrow.



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