Laeditora is a multidisciplinary team from the audiovisual, advertising, publishing, education, and development fields.

We understand your projects. We share your ideas. We struggle with you. People will join us tomorrow.



Promoted by the Spanish NGO-D ASAD, Asociación Solidaria Andaluza de Desarrollo, Laeditora is a non-profit organisation composed of about twenty communication professionals, development experts and artists who since 2008 have worked in close collaboration with other organisations such as UtopiAnimasur-CAU, 4000 flores, El Pan Tostao, Lamat Dance,among other partners. Laeditora operates both independently by developing its own projects and in partnership with other NGO-D, organisations and institutions.

Laeditora hopes that an increasing number of us will turn to social change communication. If you think you fit into this team or wish to get involved, do not hesitate to contact us!


Oscar Martínez /
Ignacio Tamayo /
Jerónimo Gonzalez /



Jose A. Pascucal  (Animasur-Cau)
Francisco Pascual (Animasur-Cau)
Cecilio Puertas  (4000 Flores)
Sofía García Peula /
Carmen Vilches  (Lamatdance, Cia Danza Vinculados)
Nacho Ruiz (Asad)
Leo Gutierrez (Asad)
Adolfo Gally  (Asad)
María Teresa Sánchez Montesinos
Ana Bojica
Laura Garrido

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